About Me

Who is Marcio Oliveira?

Designer, illustrator, comic book artist and especially a creative individual, I’ve been active in the market mainly in the web design, multimedia (focusing on video – editing / direction / finishing) and illustration areas.

However, I’m interested in working with any activity that challenge my creativity and make me grow as a professional and as a person, developing my skills and expanding my knowledge.

I always look for excellence in every work I do, whether it is for companies I work for, freelance jobs or personal projects.

Due to my proactivity, adaptability and the capacity of learning things by myself, I’ve been able to work in different areas and medias, always achieving great results for my contractors and myself, which are reflected in the works shown in this portfolio.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. “

Maya Angelou


Here are some fields my work is currently focused on but not limited to. If you want to know more about my different areas of actuation check the whole portfolio or get in touch for detailed information.


Branding & Identity
Graphic Design
Web Development
Art Direction

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